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Brief portfolio of work


"Tino is an incredible creative director and UI / UX designer. He excels at brand identity, visual design, user interfaces, and interaction design. It is rare to find a designer with such breadth and depth and his ability to handle and execute multiple projects simultaneously is outstanding. At Net Power and Light, I had the honor of working closely with Tino on designs for several updates to our iOS application Spin, on new branded application designs for customers, and together we partnered to revamp NPL’s entire website. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Tino again."

- Jennifer Tyson, VP of Marketing at HappyCo

"Tino is one of the most talented UI and UX designers with whom I have worked. During my tenure as VP Product Management with Net Power and Light the company needed to solve several challenging and concurrent UI projects in fairly short order and Tino proved that he was up to the task.

The projects spanned vertical markets and use cases, some of which were pioneering efforts in new business areas. Internally, Tino needed to work closely with me on the product and business side of the project, as well as work very closely with the CTO and the engineering team. Tino was very successful producing work that both delighted the customers and solved technical problems and business process challenges. He accomplished the tasks through his ability to think creatively as well as his patience to listen carefully and work collaboratively with both the technical and business teams.

I recommend Tino for his design work and for his creative problem solving skills and should the opportunity present itself I would be delighted to work with him again in the future."

- Lou Leporace, Head of Marketing at RStor, Inc.

"Tino joined my team as our Creative Director responsible for the Ribbit brand and the design of Ribbit's consumer products. Every day (and night) we worked together Tino impressed me with his brilliant creativity, passion for excellence, and desire to do whatever was necessary even with our impossible schedule.

Tino acted as our agency, building out his company to handle all of our needs ranging from brand strategy, creative development, product design, online design, print design, video, flash development, as well as customer engagement at product launches.

We started with not much more than a name and logo. On December 17th, 2007, his work was put on a public stage, and he impressed the world. Eighteen months later we were acquired and integrated into one of the largest phone companies in the world, BT.

I look forward to working with Tino again in the future."

- Dan Seyer, CMO

Tino Novellino

For over 20 years Tino has successfully ventured out independently, designing and building a variety of multimedia, websites, and applications for industries such as beauty, publishing, recording, telecom, medical, high technology, travel, software, public relations, social media, venture capital, startups, and more. In late 2007, Tino worked as Creative Director with Ribbit Inc. designing fresh corporate identities, apps, websites, marketing design, and products that directly led to a successful acquisition by British Telecom in 2009. In early 2010 Tino rebranded BroadVision’s ( flagship enterprise social media app, Clearvale (, as well as successfully creating and deploying complete redesigns and front-end integrations of the apps and corporate web properties. From 2009-2015 Tino worked tirelessly as the Creative Director for Net Power & Light, designing everything from the original brand, mobile applications, to websites, marketing materials, and was integral in all facets of the company. In 2015 Tino became the Creative Director for Wickr Inc., where he went on to completely overhaul the UI and UX as part of a global relaunch and at the same time, leading a team to design and develop brand new collaborative experiences on the Web based using breakthrough streaming media and writing cutting-edge front-end code for the Web.

When Tino isn’t designing or coding he is a talented musician - a master of drums and percussion instruments, an improvisor and composer of many genres and styles, and a pianist, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist.

Below is a brief compilation of the most recent work.

Hatch Networks  /  Web Administration Console

Hatch hired me to design their Web App UI and its Admin Console. I created everything from scratch, as well as building and coding all the front-end framework. I also designed a version for a potential customer (Acelity Inc.). In the Admin Console, you can switch between the "dark" and "light" themes by toggling the switch. Click the links below to try the semi-functional prototypes.

Hatch Networks  /  Web App UI

Based loosely on Hatch Networks' exiting mobile client, I re-imagined what the Web version would be, taking advantage of larger-size screens and technologies of the desktop browser. As with the Admin Console, I designed a customer branded version. Click the links below to try the semi-functional prototypes.

Wickr + Net Power & Light  /  Wickr + Spin Desktop App

After Wickr purchased Net Power & Light in 2016, I began to design a deeper integration of what 2 companies' products & technologies would be like working together in a more comprehensive product offering (final prototypes). These are some final prototypes of that product...

Wickr  /  Wickr for Desktop App

This project was a complete redesign of Wickr's existing Desktop App (final prototypes). The second section showcases the design integration of Net Power and Light's multi-user video/audio collaboration technology. Also included are the UI guidelines for these projects, provided to the engineers for app integration.

Wickr  /  Wickr for iPhone

This project was a complete redesign of Wickr's iPhone app (final prototypes), complete with a dual-themed UI. The second section showcases the design integration of Net Power and Light's multi-user video/audio collaboration technology. Also included are the UI guidelines for these projects, provided to the engineers for app integration.

Also available is the working prototype that I put together (link below).

Net Power & Light  /  Corporate Website

I was the Creative Director at Net Power & Light from 2009 where I helped the founders brand the company and design their products. I was there in the same role until the acquisition by Wickr, Inc. in 2016, and onwards until December 2016. During my time there, I designed and developed every iteration of their website - and this one was the best.

Net Power & Light  /  Developer Center

I designed and built every version of Net Power & Light's Developer Center. This version is the final one before the company was purchased by Wickr in 2016.

Net Power & Light  /  "Spin" (iPad app)

These are designs that were presented & approved before an update to the App Store. You can find these integrated into the Spin app. These screens represent about 15% of the app's design and function.

Net Power & Light  /  "Spin" (iPhone App)

2015, v1
I designed every version of the Spin app, for both iPad and iPhone, from 2009 to 2016. Below are 2 separate rounds of iPhone designs and versions of the app. Shortly after I designed these, NPL hired a new CEO. This is when Spin took another direction and all these designs were scrapped.
2015, v2
  • Start screen