The Spin API delivers unrivaled videoconferencing collaboration for your application

The Spin API

The Spin API lets you add critical communications and collaboration features to your business, consumer, and education applications.

Combining a powerful SDK, REST APIs, and a scalable backend architecture, the Spin platform lets you integrate HD multiway video chat together with rich, synchronized collaboration features into mobile applications and client plugins for set-top boxes and smart TVs. In addition, it’s easy to add APIs that initiate a Spin videoconference directly from your website.

  • Binary and REST APIs Industry-standard programming interfaces
  • Comprehensive SDK The Spin SDK includes all client frameworks and libraries
  • LUX™ Scalable Backend Supports millions of concurrent users

Patented Innovation

Business, consumer, and education customers are increasingly demanding higher quality communication features in the products and services they purchase. With the Spin API, you are free to focus on delivering an outstanding user experience for your customers instead of building the networking capabilities required for videoconferencing.

The Spin SDK includes NPL’s proprietary network protocol and layered architecture. These patented innovations deliver client performance including audio buffering, network loss-handling, low-bandwidth adaptation, network QoS (Quality of Service), camera and microphone optimization, media pre-fetching, as well as synchronizing client UI interactions like zoom, swipe, pause, and play, to deliver a shared, native viewing experience for photos, videos, documents, and collaboration features like drawing, annotation, and virtual animations.

Backend services using easily-deployed REST APIs deliver authentication, content and storage services, real-time analytics, billing, email and text messaging, device push notifications, and more.

Full-Stack for Video-based Collaboration

Custom Solutions

NPL offers several options for customers deploying the Spin API. Please contact us directly for more information on any of our custom solutions.

Branded Applications and LUX Platform Subscription NPL offers nonrecurring engineering services for the development of branded applications for your company or institution with an optional annual subscription to the LUX backend.

LUX Platform and Client Licensing NPL licenses its LUX platform and Spin client software to companies who prefer to operate LUX in a private data center. Software maintenance and client feature upgrades are also available to licensing customers. The Spin platform works with most backend technologies, including Parse, Azure, or AWS.

LUX Platform Subscription NPL offers LUX platform services as an annual subscription for companies that deploy the Spin SDK and APIs into their products and services.

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