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Spin-based applications enhance videoconferencing collaboration across multiple industries, dramatically improving workflows in environments where remote communications are critical. With the Spin platform, you can deliver video-based experiences to consumers and remote collaboration tools to businesses by deploying Spin in existing or new applications.

Creative Professionals

Review Assets with Remote Clients in Real-time

Postproduction, Publishing, Animation, Graphic Design: The mobile workforce is now business-as-usual for enterprises around the world. With increased mobility, the need for effective, remote communication multiplies exponentially. For industries like creative services, reviewing high-value production assets, — like video media, animation, print and digital media — with internal and external clients is critical to effective workflows. With the Spin platform, creative professionals can now step through reviews together with their clients, regardless of physical location.

Enterprises can integrate Spin video-based collaboration directly into their media management applications, or Net Power & Light can provide custom white-label applications to meet business needs. Independent professionals can take advantage of the Spin application for iOS available from the App Store.

Partner Spotlight: Axle Video

Boston-based axle Video is prototyping Spin for use with its radically simple video media management application, axle 2014. The integration lets customers search from their media files, select a file for review and open a videoconference in Spin. Axle Video CEO Sam Bogoch says: “As specialists in managing media content, we’ve been looking for a solution to let our customers collaborate in real-time. We’ve been delighted by our partnership with Spin. The company’s technology offers an immersive experience where participants can simultaneously review a video, annotate the video frame by frame, and interact as effectively as if they’re together around a conference table or in a screening room. The technology will dramatically improve workflows for our customers in postproduction, broadcast, corporate, and education.”


Transform Online Education With Video Collaboration

Distance Learning, Global Classrooms, Study Groups: With the Spin platform, educational institutions can transform online courses into rich, real-time collaborative experiences that revolutionize distance learning for university and preparatory school students. Spin enables synchronous viewing of class documents, videos, and other educational materials within a videoconferencing-context, so remote students can fully interact with teachers, fellow students, and class materials as if in the same room.

Universities can also offer global classes using Spin — bringing cross-cultural learning to life for students located thousands of miles apart. Unlike traditional online education solutions, communications are video-based and low-latency, enabling effective Q&A and live debate. Leading institutions, including Harvard University, have worked with Spin to open their classrooms to the world and power new ways of learning together.

Partner Spotlight: Harvard University

Net Power & Light teamed with Harvard University’s Professor Michael Sandel to launch the world’s first global classroom using Spin. Sandel expanded the walls of Harvard’s Sanders Hall to bring together students from Tokyo, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, New Delhi, and Cambridge in rich, live discussion on topics of justice. “My dream was to create a video-linked global classroom, connecting students across cultures and national boundaries to think through hard moral questions together, to see what we can learn from one another,” said Sandel. “Now, Spin makes it possible to discuss some of the most vexing moral dilemmas we face. The global classroom takes the distance out of distance learning. It enables us to learn from one another, and gives us a glimpse of what global public discourse might be.” Read more about Harvard University and Spin


Engage Audiences With New Opportunities for Participation

Synchronous Viewing Parties, Remote Auditions, Viewer Collaboration. Entertainment is no longer a one-way street. Audiences want to actively engage with their medium of choice. With high-quality, cinematic video and audio, Spin extends the high-def home theater experience beyond TV to harness the power of social media and live fan interactivity.

Organizations can build Spin into their suite of entertainment applications to deliver live interactions between actors and fans, or even augment remote auditions for reality TV. With Spin, organizations can be assured that adding video chat to live media streams won’t impact viewing quality. Spin’s low-latency technology means that fans experience the punch lines and dramatic moments together, and Spin’s layered architecture directs audio, video, animations, and other media through the best channels to guarantee high fidelity for all participants. High-profile organizations like TED have used Spin to connect viewers to each other for an immersive, interactive experience.

Financial Services

Connect in Real-Time and Never Miss a Beat

Equity trading, Consultation. In the world of finance and trading, time is always of the essence. Getting the right decision-makers together quickly means saving time and money. With Spin, gather up to 10 people in a videoconferencing session to share data, compare notes, and give directions quickly to buy or sell. Spin supports business communications from the trading floor or back at the office. Available for white-labeling in your enterprise communication suites, Spin can enable you to get face-to-face with your clients without investing in costly hardware for each user location.


Collaboration for Better Health

Medical Imaging and Evaluation by Collaboration, Patient Consultation. With the growth of mHealth, there’s no longer a need to send X-rays, files, and other records via mail for consultation. Spin’s synchronous, collaborative platform enables medical professionals to join a videoconferencing session, review files and confer around diagnoses, all in the same screen. And it’s simple to add a contact to a session on the fly for further input. Spin can also enable personal interaction between doctor and patient who may be hundreds of miles apart, while making it possible for them to view an X-ray or test result, just as they could in-person.

Consumer Electronics

Bringing High-Quality Videoconferencing to Customers

White-label Applications for Mobile Devices, Smart TVs, and Set-top boxes: With the power of mobile and home entertainment devices today, consumers have high expectations for interactivity with their smart devices. Device manufacturers can take advantage of Spin’s patented architecture and high-quality videoconferencing and collaboration features to deliver a branded application to their customers at a fraction of the cost of engineering these services themselves. Net Power & Light can develop a branded application based on Spin to best fit the needs of a provider’s target audience. Or developers can deploy the Spin SDK and APIs into their products and services.

Customer Service

Amplify Customer Service Through Real-time Interaction

Online Purchasing, Product Support, and Customer Service. Offer customer support, personal shopping, and other interactive services by leveraging Spin’s flexible, easy-to-use platform. In the age of social media, customer service experiences spread like wildfire over the internet – mostly negative. Instead of transferring calls to representative after representative through a customer support center, organizations that use Spin can enable one representative to assist a customer, pulling in other resources to the videoconferencing session as needed.

Using Spin’s developer tools and APIs, organizations can build Spin directly into their website or mobile applications to enable a seamless, high-quality videoconferencing experience that will engage and leave the customer feeling cared for. Offer how-to sessions, review directions, and share other valuable content directly and in the moment, addressing issues more quickly and comprehensively.

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