for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch

Spin™ is unlike any other mobile video communications experience. Online meetings and video calling are no longer limited to conversations and simple screen sharing. With Spin, 10 people in a videoconference can view and collaborate on a document, swipe through photos with full interactivity, and watch videos together — perfectly in sync.

Spin sessions work over Wi-Fi and cellular, and are rendered in retina-quality HD video and 44kHz CD-quality audio, creating an experience so close to human fidelity that you’ll forget the distance and devices between you.

Traditional screen sharing solutions not only compromise the quality of the experience, they entirely miss the point. Spin lets everyone participate and control the experience equally.


Connect to Dropbox and view PDF files together.

Now you can share and view documents during a video call using Spin. All participants can add notes and markups during the Spin session, and individual pages with group notes can easily be saved to your device’s camera roll with a single tap. Each person can flip through pages, so everyone controls the action. Pinch or double-tap to zoom without impacting other people’s viewing experience. PDF files are displayed in retina-quality HD.

Comments & Markups

Add comments while viewing PDF files, photos, and videos.

Add comments to a Spin session while viewing a PDF document, photo, or even video. Mark up a document — circle, underline, and cross out text or images — using ChalkTalk™. Comments are easily identified by a contributor’s chat color. Save your group comments to your local camera roll by simply tapping the camera icon.

Videos & Photos

Watch videos and view photos together — fully synchronized.

Share photos from your iPhone or iPad camera roll — or even flip through Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr photos together. At work, review and take notes on works in progress. At home, watch funny video clips from YouTube or Facebook, and laugh at the same time thanks to Spin’s low-latency technology. Amp up the fun anywhere, anytime, with special effects for your Gatherings™. Spin encrypts your photos and videos and removes them from Spin when you’re done.

Human Fidelity Over Cellular

HD video and 44kHz audio

Extremely low-latency technology in Spin makes it feel like you’re all in the same room. And with vivid HD video quality and 44kHz audio, your Gatherings are transformed into high-quality events. You can even use Spin on the go with LTE or 3G on your mobile device, or get onto the big screen using your Apple TV with Airplay. On iPad, adjusting a person’s video tile size makes their audio louder or softer.

Expand Your Circle

Connect to your friends on Facebook or invite guests to Spin.

It’s easier than ever to connect to your friends using Spin. Invite your Facebook friends, even invite colleagues to join a video call with guest accounts — they can join a call without signing up for Spin. With Spin, you can even plan a Spin Gathering in advance with beautiful, customizable invitations.

Device Compatibility

Spin 1.5 requires iOS 6 or later. Spin 1.5 is compatible with iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, or iPod touch 5th generation or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 or later and iPad 2 or later.

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